Aptadel Therapeutics awarded Eurostars
grant for a first-in-class RNA-based
targeted therapy for childhood cancer

Barcelona, Spain, May, 11th 2022.
Aptadel Therapeutics, – together with leading EU biotech companies, iCellate and Anapharm,
– has been awarded a Eurostars grant, subsidised by CDTI, for a first in-class RNA Aptamer-based targeted therapy
and companion diagnostic for childhood cancer Ewing Sarcoma (ES), to bring its product closer to the clinic.
ES is a rare type of cancerous tumour that grows in bones or soft tissue. It mainly affects
children and young people, but is also seen in adults. These tumors are very aggressive, they
tend to reappear and develop metastasis after chemotherapy. ES is the second most
diagnosed form of primary bone cancer in children and young adults. Due to the lack of
effective treatments, the survival of patients with pediatric sarcoma that present metastasis
at the time of diagnosis is barely 20%.
Aptadel Therapeutics platform technology is based in RNA-Aptamers to develop a nextgeneration
of drug conjugate. Our lead asset is a RNA-based therapy (ADEL-101) that targets
the EphA2-receptor, reducing its ability to promote metastasis. The molecule further inhibits
an Ewing Sarcoma-specific driver mutation, ultimately killing the cancer cells while normal
cells are spared. In addition to Aptadel, the consortium includes the CRO Anapharm and the
MedTech company iCELLATE. Anapharm will develop a bioanalytical test to track ADEL-101
drug candidate in the body, while iCellate will be an essential partner in developing a
companion diagnostic kit to quickly bring ADEL-101 to safe and effective use in humans.
“We are very excited to have been awarded such a competitive grant. The Eurostars project
will boost the development of Aptadel’s first asset to the clinic to treat paediatric cancer.”
said company CSO, Dr Gisela Lorente.
About Aptadel Therapeutics, SL.
Aptadel is a company developing a first-in-class RNA-Aptamer technology to deliver siRNA
into tumour cells.
About Anapharm Bioanalytics, SL.
Anapharm is a customer-focused bioanalytical CRO specialized in small and large molecule
About iCellate Medical
iCellate is a Swedish medtech company furthering cancer research and diagnostics.